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Our Journey


  • Bharathiya Vikas Trust founded by the great visionary, Padmabhushan late Sri T. A. Pai in 1978. The Trust commenced its activities in May 1981, in a 5-acre plot belonging to him in Perampalli, Shivalli Village.

1980 – 1990

  • In 1982 Started as T. A PAI INSTITUTE FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT a non political & nonprofit organization.
  • Conducted programs on “Unit for crossbreed cows with breeding problem” which is artificial insemination for cattle.
  • Research on fodder crops, tailoring training programs.
  • Training for parents of mentally retarded, self occupation programs for women, cattle breeding centre.
  • Veterinary hospital, Vegetable cultivation, Agricultural management vocational training for students, Phenyl production unit was made.

2001 – 2010

  • Rainwater harvesting, distribution of vegetable seeds, program on personal health & hygiene, dairy development programs were conducted.
  • Computer training, tailoring, horticulture and fodder crops, advanced training in tailoring & embroidery, krishi uthsava.
  • Management training for milk producers co operative society, teachers training program, training program for financial institutions, solar finance capacity building alliance program.
  • Light scholarship support for rural students, pappad making training, rexin bag making, consumer clubs in school, personal health & hygiene, Animal first aid program.
  • Solar energy promotion and development program sanctioned by oriental bank of commerce, NABARD user programs, solar museum at BVT, paddy seed production program.
  • Solar technician training program, carpet weaving training program, SIFC (Solar Innovation & Facilitation Centre).
  • Training for scouts & guides, training for ASHA workers, PDO (Panchayath Development Officers) training program. These are the activities conducted during these years.

2011 – 2020

  • Management of HIV+, training program for secretaries/PDOs of gram panchayath, teachers training program, training for co-operative institutions.
  • Solar home lighting system entrepreneurship training(EDP), rural health management, palliative care, stall feeding system of goat rearing training, agriculture & horticulture farm.
  • T.A Pai education scholarship, vacation summer camp, rural orientation for diploma nursing students, vegetable seeds distribution, rainwater harvesting workshop.
  • Support to rural schools by providing solar doom lights to schools, solar awareness programs in schools, integrated efforts of capacity building and training of financial institutions in solar energy.
  • Solar technician training, agricultural camp at zonal agriculture research station bramhavara, rangoli art training for students, kitchen gardening these are the programs conducted during in these years.
  • Embroidery, Tailoring, handicrafts, dairy management, home products, training on cloth paper bag making, agricultural camps, students farmer clubs, Karnataka bank light scholarship program.
  • Program on adolescence problems, program on smart class operations for school teachers, model village programs, three days aadhar enrollment camp, solar faculty training programs.
  • Jasmine cultivation program, camp on ‘Ayushmaan Bharath’ health card registration, training for farmers on integrated components of agriculture, vermin composting, wall painting.
  • Rural industry cluster assessment & mapping, “Naya Soach” idea generation program for technical institutes, COVID-19 efforts distribution of face masks, awareness programs, awareness posters, PPE kits distribution, food kit distribution for migrant workers.
  • Covid health inspection vehicle with solar, solar powered kiosk for swab collecting and testing. Online webinar programs. These are the activities conducted during these years.

2021 Onwards

  • In 2021 at BVT established B-SAFE centre for excellence which equipped with solar livelihood products, demo posters on solar technology, solar panels, other related equipments etc.
  • BVT won prestigious Ashden award in 2021 considered as Green Oscar for pioneering efforts through training and capacity building of financial institutions, skill development etc. Conducted various training programs as below.
  • Training programs include value added fish products, cloth bag making, tailoring with dress design, home products, aari embroidery, and solar technician training programs.
  • Training on nutrition garden, COVID vaccination camps, financial literacy programs, smart card registration camp, waste management training, and awareness on digital banking.
  • Training on coconut tree climbing and adopting new technology, program on energy efficiency, solar financial institution programs, powering PHC (Public Health Centre) with solar.
  • Karnataka bank light scholarship program, solar gap financing project, entrepreneurship development program, clean India program, awareness program on autism etc.