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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Bharathiya Vikas Trust was born with a vision in mind – to harmonize human settlements with nature and surroundings, building a strong economic and social infrastructure in the rural areas to preclude urban exodus, amply developing training and vocational opportunities with emphasis on self-employment resulting in healthy socio-economic progress and a holistic human resources enhancement founded on a positive values system.

Our Mission

BVT is determined and striving in enhancing the quality of life of rural and unreached people through addressing challenge of development sectors – Women Empowerment, Good Governance, Agriculture and Allied, Employment & Livelihood, Sustainable Energy, Basic Health literacy and Education and build a developmental ecosystems of inclusive growth.

  • To promote education, skill development and training to bring socio-economic change in Rural India.
  • To encourage authors and publishers to bring out stories of resilience, empowerment, innovation and sustainable development from the grassroots which can be a model for the society.
  • To participate in rural development programmes in India as prescribed by the Government of India under Section 35CC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as are found to be charitable and not involving in any activity for profit.
  • To establish homes and shelters for handicapped, both physical and mental and destitute.
  • To apply science and technology in projects for prevention, early identification, training, education and rehabilitation of the children/families/persons with physical handicap or mentally retarded.
  • To take up scientific research and rural development and application of science and technology in dairy, poultry, horticulture, sericulture and apiculture, grass and fodder cultivation, breeding of milching animals cottage / mini / small scale / medium scale industries, any suitable energy resources, water conservation and technology in fisheries, service industries.