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About Us

Bharathiya Vikas Trust was founded by the great visionary, Padmabhushan late Sri T. A. Pai in 1978. The Trust commenced its activities in May 1981, in a 5-acre plot belonging to him in Perampalli, Shivalli Village. BVT strives to unlock the true potential of the most vulnerable communities particularly in rural areas through capacity building, knowledge sharing, linkages and financial inclusion. The activities of the Trust are carried out through a resource centre established in Manipal. Direct operations of the Trust has spread all over Karnataka and in few other states of the country. BVT during the last 40 years has successfully implemented various projects of Central, State and Local Government, and National & International Development agencies. 

The institute has spread in a campus of 5 acres of land and buildings. The institute is well equipped with the following infrastructure :

  • Training Class rooms.
  • Sophisticated canteen to provide hygienic food to the participants.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture farm with a separate decorative plant unit.
  • Tailoring unit consisting of 20 tailoring machines.
  • Sustainable Energy -Solar Innovation and Knowledge Hub and Solar Facilitation Centre.
  • Library and Documentation Centre.

Synergy and support with excellent faculty / Resource persons’ from reputed institutions who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the areas of Focus.

These facilities are established for rendering training, conducting seminars, camps, workshops, research in relevant activities necessary for implementing the rural development projects and the operational areas of the Trust.

Founder's Message

Late Sri T.A. Pai

The Problem before the country is what you are going to do with the millions of people whom you are training with such heavy expenses and what you are going to do with the problems that continue to grow, whichever government might be there. Unless both these things are put together and we are determined to build up a new nation, our problem will remain the same.

By educating a man, you are creating a new problem. In fact, most of our villages are poor today because education has drained away of men from villages into urban areas. And in fact our banking systems, with the best of intentions, has not gone in to the rural area. That has been the cause of impoverishment of our rural area.

Every development has a non-development aspect also, and unless that is taken care of, we will not be able to solve our problem. I, therefore recommend this very strongly. We must give them some allowances during national services.

We have another problem, Our army officers retire early and they are also an army of unemployed people. Why don’t you put them in charge of this programme ? why don’t you harness the experience that they have? This is country where when a man retires, he is of no use. We retire people because we think that we are going to provide jobs to the younger people. But what about the maturity and experience of the retired people? Why should they feel alienated immediately after retirement – that they are not required by the society? Why should they not be harnessed to see that youth is taken care of? A great effort must be made in this regard.

Pioneer Of BVT

Late Smt. Vasanthi Pai

After the demise of Sri T.A Pai in 1981, his wife Smt. Vasanthi Pai became the chairperson who took the responsibility of stabilizing the organization.

Smt. Vasanthi Pai started the T.A. Pai Institute for Rural Development. Under her leadership, various projects & programs on rural development, Agriculture & Women Empowerment were carried out. Programs like Dairy development, Cattle breeding, Fodder crops development were conducted. Research unit for treating milk, animals with breeding problem, Veterinary hospital with artificial insemination facility for upgrading local cattle population were setup. Training program to educate local youths on agricultural management, Orientation course for teachers of various schools who taught mentally retarded children were taken up.

Empowering Women was one of the dreams closest to Smt. Vasanthi Pai’s heart. Women and youths were trained on Low cost construction, Book binding, Electrical appliances repair, Motor winding, Agarbatti making, Carpentry, Welding, phenyl production, plants cultivation, poultry farming, secretarial practice, catering, Dress & Ornament design, Linen stitching, Tailoring and Embroidery to provide self-employment. Various other activities like Computer training, Awareness on Solar Home lighting, Rexine cloth and Leather bag making, etc.were taken up during her tenure.

Mrs. Vasanthi A Pai was awarded the “Platinum Jubilee Award” for her outstanding social work in the field of Welfare of Women & for the persons with Mental Retardation by syndicate bank on the occasion of their Platinum Jubilee Celebration on 20th October 2000. Award was presented to her by Sri. Yashwanth Sinha, Hon’ble Finance Minister Government of India.

Former Governor of Karnataka Mrs. Ramadevi, former Chief Minister Sri. Ramakrishna Hegde, Industrialist Sri. Dhirubhai Ambani were few of the dignitaries who have visited BVT during her chairmanship.