I. Rural Development: looking beyond Development

  • To engage in developing feasible and user friendly programmes to  help farmers.
  • Integrated village development through Village adopt programes.
  • Encourage and motivate youths and women in relation to leisure activity / income generating activity to achieve social integration- upward mobility and gender equity
  • Act as a Nodal agency for implementing various development  projects and programmes of NABARD, CAPART, DST, Central / State Govt./ Ministry, NGOs  and other National and international agencies
  • Catalyst in building capacities of rural development agencies /  Institutions , activists of the sectors.
  • Promote water harvesting, conservation and wastewater management.

2.Education and  Training 

  • Training unemployed youth and vulnerable section of society to take up self employment and transform them to be successful micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Management training  for  employees of Co-operative Banks & societies, Government Depts & Panchayats, NGOs Corporate sectors and other development agencies.
  • Training in Women empowerment , decision making, self- confidence and self-reliance
  • To serve as a Resource cum incubation Centre for rural industries, Agriculture, Horticulture , diary, solar energy sectors
  • Skill up-gradation and technology transfer training for rural industries.
  • Skill development and capacity building of SHGs.
  • Short term management training and awareness courses in Rural development, health, sanitation, energy efficiency, EDP and capacity building of development agencies.
  • Information Kiosk about socioeconomic change    and development, health awareness.
  • Conducting vacation camps to students, carrier guidance and personality development in association with Schools and Govt. depts.

3.Renewable energy – Reaching the un- reached with SPV technology.

  • Propagation of solar energy, particularly SPV technology  to un- reached rural populace to improve the quality of life and help in enhancing income generating capacity by supporting different innovations in products, market, credit mechanism and linkages to rural development communities.
  • Integrated lively hood development and employment creation by providing last mile access for SPV technology and renewable energy services.
  • Training and support to self- employment ventures in solar energy.
  • Encourage grassroots level NGOs, rural service companies and rural financial institutions to create stable and sustainable channels of diffusion of technology.   
4 Research & Documentation

  • Take up scientific research in rural development and application of  science and technology in Agriculture, Dairy, Poultry, Horticulture, grass & fodder cultivation,  Animal Husbandry,  Cottage/ rural industries, Renewable energy sources, water Conservation and  health and  sanitation, women Empowerment, etc
  • Facilitate the publications related to preview of center’s objectives and scope of activities

5. Other Activities and Linkages

  • Synergy with major development partners of the sector- Govt. Financial Agencies , Research & Education Institutes, USAID, Winrock, Swiss  Agency for Development and Co-operation, RUDSETI, SIRD, NGOs, Voluntary organisations- National and International agencies, Corporate sectors, academician, technocrats, professional, etc
  • Conducting regular Seminars, workshops, Vacation camps, Krishi Utsava, Agriculture lectures and study tours, Computer training , Seed distribution, Student Scholarship support, other related consultancy services