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Educational Programs

Educational programs prioritize holistic development, encompassing cognitive, emotional, social, and physical well-being of students, unaided school teachers, ASHA/ANMs, and rural women. These programs go beyond academic knowledge and focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals. By addressing various aspects of development, such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and physical health, these programs equip participants to engage effectively with the world. They empower individuals to make informed decisions, foster positive relationships, and navigate challenges. Ultimately, these educational initiatives contribute to the growth and empowerment of individuals, enabling them to lead fulfilling and successful lives.

Educational programs often aim to promote holistic development among students, including their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical well-being. By addressing various aspects of their development, these programs help students become well-rounded individuals who can effectively engage with the world around them. Similarly, providing awareness programs for teachers can enhance their professional growth, enabling them to adopt new teaching strategies and techniques for improved student outcomes.

We organize Educational Programs on adolescent health, water, sanitation, health and renewable energy for school students, Capacity building training programs for unaided school teacher, crafts teachers and nursing students, etc.

key programs

SINCHANA- Autism Training for ASHA’s & AWs
Health Awareness Programs on Autism was jointly organized by Zilla Panchayat Udupi, Women and Child Welfare Department Udupi, District Legal Services Authority, Udupi, Autism Society of Udupi, BVT and Department of Student Affairs, MAHE, Manipal.

Nursing Student’s Training
The training will provide awareness on rural community, role of nurses in rural health and mental health, etc.

Unaided School Teacher’s Training
BVT with a collaboration of DIET and Education Department Udupi organised teachers training program for 55 unaided school teachers.

EDP Training
Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) training for rural women is a transformative initiative that empowers them with essential skills and knowledge to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. These programs provide training in areas such as business planning, financial management, marketing, and leadership. By equipping rural women with business acumen, EDP training enhances their economic independence and opens up avenues for income generation. It promotes self-confidence, fosters innovation, and encourages sustainable development within rural communities. Ultimately, EDP training plays a vital role in empowering rural women, reducing poverty, and promoting inclusive economic growth.
BVT organised 4 Entrepreneurship Development Training Program at Udupi & Brahmavara (16-8-2022 to 18-8-2022), Kundapura (25-8-2022 to 27-8-2022) & Karkala (22-8-2022 to 24-8-2022 & 1-9-2022 to 3-9-2022) Talukas & 200 SHGs women benefitted

Adolescent Health Programs
Adolescent health programs for high school students are crucial for promoting physical and mental well-being. They provide essential education on nutrition, exercise, and hygiene, fostering healthy habits. These programs address mental health challenges, equipping students with coping strategies and support. They also promote responsible sexual behavior, reducing the risk of unintended pregnancies and STIs. By focusing on prevention and early intervention, these programs contribute to academic success and lifelong well-being.